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  • Do I need to create an MR account to make purchases?

    No, you don't have to have a MR account to place an order; you can order as a guest. However, having a MR account has many advantages. For example, it gives you a chance to edit or cancel your order within 30 minutes after you place your order. You can also login into your account any time and see the current status of your order in your order history. Signing up with a MR account is very easy and it takes less than a minute.

  • How much lower are your prices than other jewelers?

    MR operates online avoid many unnecessary costs while many retailers are obliged to high costs of operating in physical stores. You can read our pricing policy for more information.

  • Who Designs MR Jewelry?

    MR has a large team of in-house designers. Each design is created by dedicated MR designers.

  • Can I modify or cancel my order?

    Yes, You need to sign in to your MR account first. Once you are signed-in, you can visit the "My Account" page, view your orders and edit or cancel your order. Editing or canceling an order can only be performed by the customer, not by the customer support team. If you decide to edit your order, you can easily do so on our website within the first 3 days of your purchase. Note that canceling is only possible within one day after placing your order. Please follow the steps below for order modification or cancellation: 1 - Login to your MR account. If you don't have a MR account, you can easily create one by clicking the LOG IN/SIGN UP button on top of this page 2 - After you login, go to the My Account page and click "My Orders" on the left menu. 3 - Find your order and click "Cancel" to cancel your order or click "Edit" to modify your order details. If the “Cancel” button does not appear, your order cannot be canceled anymore. Please note that order cancellations and modifications may result in delays. You will be notified on your updated delivery date in case of delays. *Cancellation and modification requests are only valid for orders that have not yet finalized the production process.

  • What if my ring doesn't fit?

    Don't worry if your ring doesn't fit your finger because you can send your ring back for free resizing within the first 30 days following the receipt of your order. Please read our return policy for further information.

  • Is the MR gift box available for purchase?

    MR gift boxes are provided only with purchase and cannot be sold separately.

  • What are the benefits of buying online at MR?

    Buying on the MR website is just like having a private jewelry store dedicated to you. It is very easy to browse any product and see it with the metal and gemstone combinations of your choice. The store is available to you 24/7 and you can access it in the comfort of your home, office, even at a cafe while you relax and chat with your friends. MR's online store offers you various payment methods as well as a customer-oriented customer support team that will assist you with any of your questions. Moreover, you don't need to do anything except for making your payment and waiting for the courier! Your product will be carefully produced only for you and delivered to your door. And all of this will be at very competitive prices as well as the highest quality standards. Spare a little time and browse our products to discover more benefits!

  • Why didn't I receive an order confirmation email?

    If you are expecting an order confirmation email but you haven't received it, please make sure that your payment has gone through and you have seen the order confirmation page on our website. If you are sure that the transaction was successful, check your spam folder to make sure the confirmation email was not blocked by your inbox. If you still can't see it, you can contact our customer support team for assistance. Don't forget to add us in your safe email list, if you are using increased security settings for your inbox. You can contact our customer support team by visiting this link:

  • Is your ring hollow inside?

    No, our rings are not hollow inside. Our products are solid and produced based on the metal properties selected by the customer.

  • I cannot choose another country for my shipping address. How can I send my goods to another country?

    MR stores vary by country and due to shipping arrangements and tax requirements, products cannot be shipped to countries not served.

  • Can we see actual photos of the ring?

    You can see the product photos along with their 3D images on the product pages. You can also scroll down on a product page to see if there are any photos shared by our customers for further reference.

  • How do I find my ring size?

    If you need to measure the size, you can refer to the size chart on our website. If you find that the size does not fit after your purchase, you can contact us within 30 days to return it for a new size. Reference website:

  • I'm going to surprise my girlfriend. What size engagement ring should I buy?

    If you're planning a surprise but aren't sure about your ring size, you can always order an adjustable style ring; if you choose a non-adjustable ring, you can send it back to us for resizing within 30 days of receipt. Please view our ring size guide for more information.

  • I chose the wrong ring size when placing my order. Can I change it before production?

    Yes, you can edit your ring size within the first 30 minutes following your order. You need to sign in to your MR account first. Once you are signed-in, you can visit the "My Account" page, view your orders and click Edit. This can only be performed by the customer, not by the customer support team.

  • I got the MR voucher from the website but it didn't give me the discount on your page. I get an error message "Invalid code". what should I do?

    MR vouchers can only be obtained from the MR campaigns in our online stores as well as our newsletter campaigns and social media accounts. We don't work with third parties for any kind of vouchers or discount codes. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to hear about the promotional campaigns.

  • How can I get a voucher?

    You can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to win vouchers and discount codes.

  • Where do I enter the coupon code?

    When you add a product to your shopping bag and proceed to checkout, you will see the Gift Card / Voucher field on the payment method page. Please enter the code before you make the payment and make sure the discount has been applied. Discounts cannot be applied after placing an order.

  • Do you have a directory?

    No, currently we don't offer catalogs as you can view and create many more product variations on our website. All our designs are as close to you as your mobile device.

  • What should I do if my order doesn't go through?

    Check that all required fields have been filled out correctly. Your billing address should be entered exactly as indicated on your billing statement. If you continue to experience difficulties when placing your order, Please contact us immediately.

  • Does the design on your website reflect what I actually receive?Will it take longer if I engrave the ring?

    Yes, your product will be identical to what you see on the product page. Please remember that you zoom in to see the product details on the product page and the products look a little bigger than life size. Please make sure you check product dimensions for accurate visualization.

  • Do you store my credit card information after placing an order?

    No, we don't. Our website is 100% secure and your payment transaction is encrypted. We don't store your credit card number or password. Please visit our security policy for further information.




  • Should I take my jewellery off before showering / bathing / swimming or in a hot tub?

    Do not wear your jewellery in the shower, bath, swimming pool or hot tub. Shampoo and soaps may build up on the metal surface as well as the gemstones, making your jewellery look dull. Humidity is not friendly to precious metals. Prevent your jewellery from being exposed to humidity and avoid wearing your jewellery in very hot environments such as saunas or while sunbathing.

  • Should I take my jewellery off during the household chores or exercising?

    Household cleaners can tarnish or damage jewellery. Avoid contact with any chemicals. We recommend you not to wear your jewellery while doing household chores, gardening, exercising, cooking, cleaning or doing sports. All gemstones are fragile; even a diamond can chip or crack in case of impact. Protect your jewellery from hard surfaces, don’t drop them and avoid impact. Remember; more care extends the lifespan of your jewellery!

  • Can I sleep with my jewellery on?

    It’s better if you take your jewellery off before you go to sleep. This will prevent you from damaging your jewellery piece accidentally. A chain may be broken or a prong may be bent in your sleep, which may even cause you to lose a stone.

  • Do cosmetics harm my jewellery?

    Yes, they may. Make sure you put your jewellery on last when you are dressing so that they won’t be subject to lotions, perfumes, hair spray or any other cosmetics or chemicals which may cause permanent defects on your jewellery such as discoloration, stains or loss of brilliance. Putting your jewellery last will also prevent it from getting caught on your clothes and being damaged. Stone settings can get clogged up with cream easily. Avoid putting on lotion while wearing your rings.

  • How to take my ring off my finger?

    When removing your ring, always handle it by its band and never by its stone or stone setting. This will help you keep your ring’s stone secure and clean.

  • How should I store my jewellery?

    Store your jewellery items individually so that you can avoid scratches or damages. Humidity will cause tarnish; do not keep your jewellery container in the bathroom to avoid it. Natural oils from your skin may cause diamonds, gemstones and pearls to get dull. Handle them as little as possible when you don’t wear your jewellery.

  • How to store my pearl jewellery?

    Pearls need to breathe unlike many other gemstones. Keep them in a linen pouch.

  • Is it okay to store my jewellery in its original MR gift box?

    MR gift boxes have been designed for presentation or gifting and they are not meant for long-term storage. It is best to store your jewellery in proper materials depending on its metal and gemstones.

  • How should I clean my jewellery?

    Clean your jewellery gently and regularly to remove any oils, dust or contamination. Use a mild soap and water along with a soft cloth, if needed. Make sure you pat dry your jewellery and wait until your jewellery is thoroughly dry before storing it back.

  • Is it safe to use jewellery cleaners?

    Some jewellery cleaners may contain abrasives which can be too harsh for your jewellery and not all of them are suitable for all types of metals and gemstones. The safest way to clean your jewellery is to use a mild soap and a very soft cloth or brush.

  • What to do with persistent dirt or stain on my jewellery?

    If the dirt is hard to remove, soak your jewellery in clean water for 5 to 10 minutes. Please remember that this method should not be used to clean jewellery with pearls or materials that are sensitive to humidity such as wood jewellery.

  • Can I use the cleaning methods I find on the Internet?

    You may find some useful information on the Internet but please make sure that they are from reliable sources and remember that the cleaning methods that you may find may be for jewellery without stones. Applying metal cleaning techniques to jewellery with diamonds, gemstones, and pearls may cause severe damages on your jewellery.

  • Should I use ultrasonic or steam cleaners to clean my jewellery?

    We don’t recommend you to use ultrasonic or steam cleaners as they are not suitable for most of the gemstone and pearl jewellery. Every jewellery piece must be cared for and maintained depending on its product features.

  • How should I care for my silver jewellery?

    Fine silver is a soft and malleable material, which can be damaged and scratched easily. However, your silver jewellery will last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Silver is reactive to air and skin oils. It is very important to clean your silver jewellery regularly to protect it from tarnishing. It tarnishes faster when subjected to humidity and pollution. If you clean the tarnish off before it builds up, you can enjoy your silver jewellery for a long time. Once cleaned, silver jewellery must be kept dry and properly stored. Do not use paper towels or tissues to clean your silver jewellery as they may scratch it. Always remember that swimming pools are not friendly to silver and chlorine may permanently damage your jewellery. Make sure that you take your silver jewellery off before you swim. If you forget to remove it before swimming, make sure to rinse and dry it afterwards. If your silver jewellery includes gemstones, please take it into consideration for maintenance and cleaning as well. Gemstones may require different maintenance methods based on their structure. If you prefer using a silver care solution to clean your jewellery, make sure that the gemstones on your jewellery don’t get in contact with the solution or any other chemicals.

  • How should I care for my wood / carbon / enamel / ceramic jewellery?

    These are special materials used for jewellery and they require care for a long lifespan. Protect your jewellery from extreme heat as well as excessive water and humidity. Enamel and ceramic jewellery pieces or parts are less resistant to impact compared to precious metals; so avoid hitting or dropping them on hard surfaces. If your jewellery includes gemstones, please take it into consideration for maintenance and cleaning as well. You should also consider the care of the other metals used on your jewellery.

  • How should I care for my gemstone jewellery?

    Natural gemstones are sensitive materials. They don’t possess the durability of diamonds, so they require extra care to maintain a long life. Make sure that you protect them against falling or hitting a hard surface. Do not store them together with other jewellery in the same container. It is very important to clean gemstones regularly and also keep their stone setting clean to protect their natural shade. Simply wipe your gemstone jewellery with a soft cloth for cleaning the residue out of them. Light and heat can affect a gemstone’s durability and color. Avoid excessive heat and sudden temperature changes as they may fracture some gemstones.

  • How should I care for my pearl jewellery?

    Pearls are very sensitive elements of nature and usually not ideal for daily use. One reason they are so fragile is that they are very soft. They should be handled carefully. Pearls should be kept free of perfumes, cosmetics, perspiration, dirt, cleaning agents, water and heat. You may gently wipe your pearl jewellery with a slightly damp cloth but never soak it in water. Do not store pearls in plastic bags. They should be stored in a cloth-lined jewellery box or wrapped in a soft cloth to maintain the shine and quality of pearls. Never toss them in your jewellery box as they may get damaged easily.

  • How should I care for my rings?

    Rings are more exposed to external factors than other jewellery pieces simply because hands are continuously used in daily activities, no matter how powerful those activities are. Especially rings worn on the dominant hand will be more exposed to damage. You can continue to wear your ring safely as long as you care for it. The fit of your ring may temporarily change due to many factors such as differences in temperature, weight fluctuations, traveling and pregnancy. We recommend you to think it over before you decide to get your ring resized.

  • How should I care for my earrings?

    To make your earrings last longer, always remember that they should be the last item that you put on. Earrings tend to be affected by the hair products that you use, more than any other jewellery item as they are very close to your hair. Large hoops or chain earrings should be taken off before sleeping so that they won’t get damaged and they won't get caught up on anything and hurt you.

  • How should I care for my chain jewellery (Pendants / Necklaces / Bracelets / Anklets)?

    Chain necklaces, bracelets and anklets will tie themselves into knots if they are stored in the same container. To avoid knots, please make sure you keep your chain jewellery lying flat or hanging straight when they’re not being worn. Sleeping with chains on can cause them to weaken and break. Always remove your chains before you sleep.

  • I have sensitive skin, will I get allergic reactions?

    We care about the materials that we use for each MR jewellery and carefully select allergy friendly materials. However, allergies can be caused by many other factors such as personal conditions and how the jewellery is being used. If you have allergies, knowing the type of metals that you are allergic to can help you choose the most suitable jewellery for yourself so that you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

  • If you have a sensitive skin, we have a few tips for you to help you avoid skin irritations and rashes while wearing your jewellery:

    A ring that is tight on the finger may cause irritation on the skin. Make sure that your ring fits you properly. Buildup of soap, cosmetics, dust or dirt under the rings, especially wedding bands, may cause irritation on sensitive skins. In hot and humid seasons or environments, skin perspires under the jewellery if it is worn for a long time. This may irritate the skin and lead to allergies for some people. Earrings and rings are most likely to hold water on the skin. Always remove your jewellery before bath or shower and make sure that you wipe off the soap and water from your body before putting your jewellery back on. Hands are frequently washed while doing the household work. Detergents or other cleansing products along with water may remain under the ring and cause allergies. Always remove your jewellery during household activities. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before wearing your ring again. Cleaning solutions that you use for your jewellery may cause you to have allergic reactions. Avoid industrial cleaners.

  • What causes the green stain on my finger?

    In some rare cases some people may see green or dark stains on their skin, after wearing jewellery. This is not a sign of an allergic reaction. This may happen when specific metals react with certain ingredients such as acids or salt on the skin as well as ingredients in body cream or other cosmetics. Sweating is another factor as it causes oxidation due to the amount of moisture.